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And all they can think about is getting intimate with you. So expect to hear from this person soon. Because they are coming at you with a big passionate confession.

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Someone is manipulating you, Libra. Someone with child-like energy or face. And if you let your guard down, they will play you for a fool and run off with your precious time. So be extra careful and vigilant this week.

More so if you already thought of someone while reading this. Sometimes the best way to end a fight is to be patient and let your partner come to you, Scorpio. This will show them you are willing to give them the space to think for themselves and make a decision of their own.

And that's powerful in a relationship.

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Alternatively, if you are in a high-stakes conflict with someone, don't make a move yet. Just wait and watch for now. This will enable you to strike at the best moment possible. Not before, and definitely not after.

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Sagittarius, someone is going to bring conflict into your life soon. So keep your ears open and your third eye fixed on your intuition. That's the only way you will leave this situation victorious. Life has been sending you a lot of messages over the past few weeks, Capricorn.

Messages that are calling you to change, grow, and transform. And this week you shall hear it once more. Don't be a fool and ignore these messages. That leads to regrets. Instead, have the courage to face the truth and make the right decision for your soul's growth.

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