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Then again, he is less likely to be autistic [7] or to have ADHD [8]. Another study found that men with mismatched hands reported being depressed more frequently [11].

Palm Reading – Guide & Basics of Hand Reading to Tell Fortune, Chinese Palmistry

The lines on hands may also provide clues about early development. In addition, although the overall research is not conclusive, some studies suggest that abnormal fingerprint patterns, such as those with a higher-than-average number of certain whorls, arches, or ridges, appear disproportionately among people with schizophrenia [12] and people who develop diabetes in middle age [13] , possibly signaling a gestational disruption such as maternal illness.

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Buy Astro Products. Best quality Astrological Products with assurance! Facebook Follows :. On the other hand, palmistry is also helpful for those who do not know their exact birth profile.

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  • They do not have a birth chart or horoscope, but they can still get their future predicted through palmistry. Palmistry is not just about reading the palm prints and lines.

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    Palmists also study the length and shape of the fingers. They can predict about the character of a person by studying the length of their fingers.

    For example, those with markedly short fingers are considered as intuitive and practical. These people tend to go with their gut instinct. On the other hand, those who have long fingers are usually academic and analytical.

    Palm Reading: Indicators of Love in Palmistry

    These people tend to study everything in detail. If the fingers are neither too long nor too short, it means the person has a balanced personality.

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    Palmists also study the proportion of the different fingers in relation to each other. The shape and size of every finger indicate specific characteristics.