Light on life vedic astrology

Drupada John MacDonald

Compatibility charts give you insight into how your planets interact with each other. Annual charts are a snapshot summary of which areas of life will be in the spot light in the year ahead. Muhurta charts determine best timing to begin endeavors.

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I have been working with an amazing woman to build my website and I am thrilled to finally be able to be public and give you access to vedicastrology. You will find monthly updates and forecasts as well as tips and techniques for living a created life. Subscribe to Mickey's list:.

Astrology: The Sun Archetype- Our Inner LIGHT!

How do I install the demo? Insert the CD into the CD drive.

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The installation program should launch automatically. If it does not, run Setup.

Follow the instructions of the installation program. After the installation, a program group called Parashara's Light is created. I've installed the software but I don't know how to access it.

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Once you launch the application you should select the option for running in demo mode, unless you have purchased the full version. How do I upgrade to the full version of Parashara's Light? To Upgrade to the full version of PL 6. Visit our secure online servers and gain instant access to your software: www. I have purchased the software, how do I get a password?

Here you will need to log in with your customer id number which is made available once you've purchased the product.

Vedic Astrology: An Introduction to the Science of Light – Awakening Hearts

Also you will want to have your system id number ready. This is the number that you will find as you install the software and select the button "I have already purchased the software and want to enter my password. A password will immediately be emailed to you. How do I create a chart? In either the demo mode or the full version, once the program launches, click on the "Calculate a chart" button.

A birth data screen will appear. After you enter the birth information, including name, date, time and location, click OK to see the chart. You can enter the date in several formats and the program will automatically set it to its preferred format.

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  • Note: the software will automatically fill in the time zone, longitude, latitude, and day light savings time based on the birth data that is entered. Skip to main content.

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    Light on Life - the Ishaya Tradition and Jyotish Astrology This is the weekend closest to the Midsummer Solstice, so an appropriate time to give the light of consciousness to our lives. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. Jai Isham Ishvaram.