Sextile astrology february 9

February Progressed Mars is conjunction Uranus in the Mars cycle. February Progressed Uranus is opposition Saturn in the Uranus cycle.

The Cosmic Tides

The Aquarius lunation. Data is: February 4, at 9. Mercury is in house 8 so the talk is all about taxes, tariffs, debt and death. Jupiter, the cusp ruler of house 9 trade , is in house 5 Wall Street and speculation indicating some resolution with the trade-warring that benefits investor sentiment — house 5 is the best house in the chart — although Jupiter square Neptune in house 9 indicates confusion and uncertainty on the trade front.

Mars conjunction Uranus in house 10 adversely impacts Trump and his administration. Mars and Uranus are square the ascendant so the people are at odds with their radical leader. House 6 government workers is very active so the partial government shutdown could continue through February. Sun is in house 11 Congress and Pluto is in house 9 radio, television, internet, social media, constitution, courts, Supreme Court and trade.

Stonewalling is common when Pluto is afflicted. Square aspects mark for obstacles that frustrate his plans and intentions.

Just be careful not to bulldoze too many innocents on the way to your goals. Beware jumping to conclusions and getting speeding tickets.

Decan 1 Aquarius 2020 Horoscope

Be careful not to invest your money or your heart on a whim. A great time for practical communication and application? Not so much…. Now, please resist the urge to shout those opinions through a megaphone. Want to know how to work with the current and future energy to get maximum benefit?

Feel free to write me about it! For those born on or around February 7, March 8, April 7, May 8, June 8, August 10, September 10, October 11, November 10, and December 10, the transiting Sun and Jupiter are making contact with your natal Sun aka your identity, bringing vibrancy and enthusiasm into your cosmic realm. You may feel optimistic, and now is a great time to make plans for the future, seeing yourself beyond the horizon. Be mindful, however, of indulgence.

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Temper expectations with reality. Public Figures. Themes for Jupiter include spirituality, good fortune, luck, and abundant energy.

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The challenge is indulgence and excessiveness, especially with Jupiter in contact with the Sun, as the Sun increases the intensity of Jupiter. Case-in-point, Elvis Presley was born with this alignment, and lived a life that was fortunate beyond imagination, yet struggled with excessive indulgence. Hugh Hefner is another example of great fortune, and perhaps some excess. River Phoenix was nominated for an Oscar by the time he was 18, but sadly died of a drug over dose at age Several athletes make this list, which makes sense since sports require a good amount of luck.

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  7. Bobby Layne, Greg Maddux, J. Mercury , the planetary piece that represents communication, consciousness, and coordination meets Mars , the planetary piece that represents action, anger, and aggression.

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    The Sextile gives us the opportunity to say how we feel from a place of power. If there has been something you have been wanting, needing to say to whoever you need to say it to, right now could be a great time to get it off your chest. The only way this happens however is if you make the move to grasp this opportunity.

    We must be logical and analytical in our use of technology. The machines we create can help, but also harm, if we are not careful in our usage. There may be big ideas in the air, or excitement for the potential of something. These symbols remind us that we must be precise and judicious with our choices. This is an incredibly powerful position for taking action with full conscious awareness, so you may move forward with confidence and clarity.

    Especially for those born…. Focus your mental powers, articulate your conscious awareness, and take the actual steps to bringing your thoughts into practical reality. Anthony Hopkins played the most famous serial killer in film history. Diana, Princess of Wales divorced the future King of England. The Moon leads off its transit through the first sign on the board, Aries, by connecting with lady luck, the goddess of beauty, Venus, yet again.

    However, unlike the harmonious sextile connection through Pisces , this connection combines contrasting Cardinal signs, the fiery Aries with the earth of Capricorn, making this feminine union a bit challenging. Isolation, loneliness, and a restricted, or perhaps an even deeper more powerful expression of emotion are in store.

    Tread lightly and breathe.

    Feb 7th 12222 Astrology calendar

    What the dirt of Capricorn extinguished is now reignited, burning brighter and more vibrant than before, inspiring new belief in yourself. Uranus is Genius. Aries is the Self. The Moon is Emotions. Whenever Mercury comes into contact with Uranus there is the influx of genius energy vibrating across the board.

    Horoscopes for the New Moon in Aquarius - February ~ Chani Nicholas

    Aries represents the face, the self, and the courage it takes to assert when necessary. Aquarius represents the community, humanity, and social consciousness. Open your mind and transcend into total consciousness of being one with the Universe. Even though we are one with the Universe, we still must face our karmic destiny, each and every day, to learn what we must learn, to grow and evolve, until our Soul outgrows our body, and we move onto the next appropriate incarnation.

    Those born…. Be reminded of your infinite possibility, while also face your earthly responsibilities with conscious awareness. These are the people who change the game. Jeanie Buss is a boss, the most powerful of the very few female owners in professional sports, as governor of one of the crown jewels of the NBA, the Los Angeles Lakers.

    Since Mercury rules coordination there are several athletes on the list, many whom revolutionized their sport.