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You will encounter arguments disagreements, strained relationship with the spouse in the beginning of the year. Your spouse may fall sick or will be deprived of marital bliss in the beginning of the year. Lot of auspicious moments, Journeys, meeting friends and relative will bring in joy and happiness. In the month of May to August the partners will encounter some silly quarrels and disagreements.

So it is advisable to avoid arguments during this period.

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New ventures will yield good profit in the beginning of the year. You will pay off your old loans. Old investment and trade will fetch satisfying gains. You also witness income through various sources.


Inheritance is in the offing. Avoid speculation and heavy investments after May. You may encounter loss. Expense towards charity and self-improvement are likely. Hard work pays throughout the year.

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New hobbies will interest them. Sports will add laurels.

Students pursing for higher studies will be successful in entering the desired university. Seek blessings from parents. People who are suffering from chronic ailments will recovery gradually.

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From the month of May to September you may fall sick and will have medical expenses. People who are ailing from chronic illness should visit the doctor during this period. Spiritual practices will keep your spirit high. This will make help you to accomplish in all areas of life. You may be very intuitive and may witness spiritual experiences in this year.

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