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By now you know that you have to work on yourself to be a good partner to someone else. Someone who has their own things going on, like a Capricorn. You see something in Capricorn that frankly piques your curiosity. Capricorn keeps Gemini coming back for more and more while not competing with him or her. Cancer: You are attracted to someone who seems very powerful and larger than life. Someone who is willing to help the poor Cancer damsel or dude in distress. That by the way happens quite often. What others see as rejection; you see as a challenge. Not many people get close to the types of lovers you do, and this year you could find more Leos being attracted to you than ever before.

Leo is generous and warm when coupled with Cancer, and Cancer needs the strength of a Leo partner. Together there are cuddles to spare. Leo: Leo breaks the mold this year and maybe the only way out of a romantic rut is a hot romantic affair.

Pisces Weekly Horoscopes for Nov. 13-Nov. 20, 2017

This type of thinking gets sticky if you are already legally entwined aka married. An elusive Pisces is just what the doctor ordered. He or she is ready to party just as much as you are this year and both of you have been stuck in a rut for far too long. Once it gets real and the fairy dust wears off a Virgo might fill his or her shoes very well.

Virgo: Driven by powerful forces Virgo wants to be both saint and sinner and BTW loves anyone who is both saint and sinner.

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Oh my! As long as their beloved sees their innocence, views him or her an angel sent from the Lord, the peace is kept in the relationship. But when fingers start pointing and accusations are made, Goodbye!

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However, Scorpio is jealous and will want you all to themselves. If not someone with a devil may care attitude and loose morals will have to do, Hello Pisces! Libra: The perpetually relationship oriented Libra has attracted a diverse crowd of admirers, lovers and quasi friends. Your secret crushes are Aries and Aquarius but you definitely might like to be spanked by Capricorn once in a while. Libra is the crowd pleaser of the zodiac, and your charming personality and gorgeous good looks are admired by many. You seek those with star quality and someone you feel is connected to the lifestyle you want.

You might have some karmic connections to work out and so you are attracted to spontaneous and expected chance meetings and situations. If it feels fated, Libra is in.

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The Fall born Scorpio makes you feel special and you have similar friends and eccentric interests. You get your choice of lovers as usual because so many are attracted to your genie in a bottle persona. What are you hiding anyways? There are enough potential lovers out there to keep Sagittarius busy for quite a long time. Virgo is flexible and just as mixed up. Meaning, that both of you are in complicated romantic places right now.

There are no expectations and no requirements from either of you who get enough of that from your exes. Capricorn is your candy crush, your sugar Daddy your sugar Momma and that works too. I invite you to post questions you may have in the Comments section for clarification. Astrology is to astronomy what alchemy is to chemistry or, for those about to take the SATs: astrology:astronomy::alchemy:chemistry. You can do a search on Google for it and find the cached version of the page in most cases, however.

Other Note: It appears as though Ms. Nazon was cancelled from the show before it went live on Feb. I am not sure when this change happened, but it was no more than days before the episode. The Galactic Center is also called the Milky Way. This alignment of the Earth and the Galactic Center only happens once every 26, years! As for where the galactic center is located on the sky, it is true that it is in the direction of the constellation Sagittarius.

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This is the waxing square of the cycle that started in the mid s, with the conjunction of these two planets in mid Virgo. December 21st, A. This is an event that has been coming to resonance very slowly over thousands and thousands of years. It will come to resolution at exactly am GMT. I find this claim interesting. The problem with this is that which I pointed out above, and I invite you to go to the links to my previous posts on the alleged alignment.

This is the first anywhere on Earth since January 19th They will occur every month now from today upto [sic] August 17th If there are spelling mistakes, I am indicating that with the [sic] as is standard practice to indicate it is not a transcription error on my part. Anyway, I looked into this. That means it misses it about a quarter of a lunar diameter, and that was from the Falkland Islands.

Close, but no cigar. As far as I can tell, this claim is simply false, unless someone can give me a different location where this happens. Again, I did this via simulation in Starry Night Pro. And, the occultations will stop around the August timeframe for those of us in the higher latitudes in the northern hemisphere. And then this did occur back in January 19, , again from the South Pole, and it just missed occulting Pluto on February 15, I checked several locations around the globe for this date, and the closest Saturn gets to the star Spica is several degrees around 4.

With the full moon being 0. However, I spoke with a friend of mine who practices astrology yes, I do have friends, and yes, some of them have beliefs outside of my own. However, even if it is true … so what? Central eclipse GMT. The only thing un-rare about an eclipse is that they generally happen twice a year. So, yes, there will be an annular solar eclipse on May 20, This is not rare. Otherwise, the where on the sky part of this eclipse is completely wrong.

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Far, far away from Gemini. Nazon made a mistake this large unless she was using the wrong dates or just was making it up — about it being in Gemini. Skychart on May 20, Showing Solar Eclipse. Note on reading these images: First, you can click on any of the star chart images in this post for a much larger version. Second, a guide to reading these — Constellation names are in blue. Star names are in yellow.

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Solar system object names are in pale red. White outlines are constellation boundaries as defined by the International Astronomical Union nearly a century ago. A green line is the line of the ecliptic — what the sun appears to trace out in the sky over the course of a year. In simpler terms, we only get an eclipse when the moon, Earth, and sun directly line up. Since the moon is on an inclined orbit, this only happens twice per orbit.

If we have a full moon when the moon is on a node, we get a lunar eclipse. And it will be a partial lunar eclipse — again, not the most interesting kind, and the time of greatest eclipse will be approximately GMT she was an hour off. The only thing wrong with this claim is that Ms. Again, a fairly big miss for someone who studies the sky. Skychart on June 04, Showing Lunar Eclipse.

Now this is cool. Once every years and then again 8 years later, the planet Venus transits across the disk of the sun as seen from Earth. Historically, this has been very important for astronomy because it was the only way to directly measure the size of the solar system and the distance between us and the sun. About the best place for this one will be Indonesia or Japan.

While this has historic significance for astronomy, though, I again fail to see the significance of it in foretelling, well, anything that is supposed to happen on December 21, But yet again, Ms. Nizan is wrong. Maybe she got her year wrong — Jupiter enters Gemini on June 27, Skychart on June 11, Showing Jupiter's Location. That means that about once a year, it moves into a new constellation.

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About once every 12 years, it repeats the cycle! This claim is true and pretty cool. The moon will occult Jupiter for several minutes at this time as seen from the UK.