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Daily Horoscope for Wednesday, October 9, | Georgia Nicols

Oh yeah. This blessing comes along only once every 12 years. It will not return again for you until , so make the most of this! Combined with this great financial news, is the fact that in the next two years, you might have a job change. So if you feel this is in the cards for you — it is. Right now Saturn has a special relationship with your sign, which is excellent.

It will strengthen many areas of your life. Nothing will come to you without effort on your part, but it will come! Recognition from people in authority is likely. At work, you have more patience and perseverance than usual, which is why you will be disciplined in whatever you do. Even your health will feel strong, especially your bones and skeleton. This can make you attractive to some people. It means you have more disposable income to party and entertain people.

But hey, who wants to attract people to them just because they have money? If you are single, you will be careful, even wary of a new relationship. This means you might date casually and observe someone before you show some strong interest. Those of you in existing relationships will appreciate who you have in your life. You will see the practical value of the partnership.

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And four hands are better than two. Last but not least, you will feel sexier and more attractive this year because you feel financially confident plus you will have some money to throw on your back so that you look hot!

Your home scene will benefit by earning more money this year because you will have more disposable income plus you will have more money to buy things for your home and make where you live look nicer. You will more easily entertain others at home. One of the most important things that parents can do for their kids is to remain solvent. Yes, money keeps the kids close.

It will be a pleasure to be able to be generous to your kids and your loved ones. You might also use your improved financial standing to find a better home by selling and buying or renting. Keep this in mind and keep your eyes open. Also keep in mind that around , you might really improve your living scene by moving to something bigger and better! It does not seem too much use being anything else.

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You are the most fascinating sign! Smarty pants. You love travel and change, and of course, you adore animals. You need the outdoors; in fact, you need to be out every day! You are risk-taking, fun-loving and will gamble on anything. The world needs your wisdom and your point of view. Freedom and activity are your survival issues! Around , you benefited from the wealth of someone else, although some partnerships ended. By , the world loved you!

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But it was not until that your time of harvest brought money, accolades and respect. Around , you wanted a big vacation! By , you began to dismantle stuff. You had garage sales. You gave away things because you needed to downsize so you could set off on a new path by And you did! The year was popular time.

Last year you worked to learn more about your inner world. This would interest you because you like to be mentally provoked —- new territory to explore!

Daily Horoscope August 1, 2016 - Sun Trine Saturn - True Sidereal Astrology

Your life will be so blessed this year because your ruler Jupiter is in your own sign and this can happen only once every 12 years. The last time this happened was in and before that , and before that The next time this happens will be in Take a moment to digest these dates so that you realize that this marvellous blessing comes for you only four or five times in your adult life.

I believe your optimism and your love of learning and exploring new ideas and new places, especially through travel, contribute to keeping you young and long-lived. This year you have much to be grateful because life will be easier. You will attract business deals and favourable financial arrangements. You will also attract important people. You will attract good luck!

Work-related travel along with travel for pleasure will be a theme this year. You will also escape from inhibiting circumstances that you want to leave. Your increased confidence will allow you to show the world your talents. You will not be shy or withdraw. This will attract financial support and resources to you. Naturally all of your relationships will improve this year because you are basking in the blessing of Jupiter in your own sign. Because you have more self poise, more confidence, and you will feel friendlier and happier — naturally, you will be more appealing and attractive to others!

Existing relationships will improve. Because of your happy, confident countenance, you will make new friends and potential new romantic partners. Jupiter in your sign can make you look affluent in the eyes of others.


Therefore, keep this in mind because why bother attracting people who are only interested in your wealth? Something to keep in mind is that , you have been on a journey to reinvent yourself and that journey will not be complete until There is much that you have to learn — regardless of your age. Your values are constantly changing, and you know it. Therefore, remain flexible and open. Enjoy the popularity of this year!

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  • Enjoy being sought after. For the last five years, Neptune has been travelling through the part of your chart related to home and family. This is a long journey and will continue until Because Neptune is nebulous, idealistic, full of fantasy and smoke and mirrors — this means that your domestic and personal life will undergo many strange and subtle changes.