Leo decans astrology

They have their eyes on the prey and will not let anything disturb their focus or keep them from achieving it. Leo Decan 2: August 2 nd — 12 th With Jupiter looming over their head , Leo-Sagittarians tend to be more-than-average in matters of intellectual capabilities. Physical or mental faculties like impulsiveness and arrogance will appear as a lot more sharpened with Leos than with any other individuals. Unrestrained and freedom-lovers, they hate it when others try to inhibit and limit their options, and while overly ambitious, money is not one of the main concerns for them.

Instead, knowledge is. Furthermore, if there is ever a situation that is seemingly unapproachable or unassailable, you can be sure that a Leo will solve it. That sense of self-worth and natural arrogance has to go somewhere, right? And it does, in their relations with other people. Protector of the powerless and fighter against discrimination and injustice, the Leo-Sagittarius is truly one of a kind, the royal kind.

Decanate, Decan

When it comes to intimate contexts, these natives are best left to their own devices when feeling down. They will eventually come out of it, better than ever. As both dreamers and thinkers, Leo-Sagitarius individuals are really steadfast and determined. Besides the obvious willpower and ambition to set their eyes on the biggest prey there is, Leo natives also must have the necessary ability and strength to finish the job. Thanks to the influence of Jupiter, rationality was never better portrayed that it is in this case.

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The sheer reasoning power of Leo natives is only obvious when they instantly shift from a state of grief and worry to one of hope and confidence. No stones are left unturned and no obstacle is too great for the forceful and intelligent approach of a Leo of the third decan.

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This is precisely how a Leo thinks and acts. A peaceful and harmonious world is literally their worst nightmare, because there is no opportunity to better oneself and to gain knowledge and experience.

Leo Decans Personality Traits

You are an unstoppable force when you really want something. You are sometimes stubborn and won't give in if you believe yourself to be in the right. And as you believe yourself never to be in the wrong, your stubbornness shows through often.

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You are completely honest, straightforward and expect others to be the same. What you see is what you get with you. You are not afraid to make your thoughts and feelings known and can be brutally honest in your criticisms of others. Your honesty can sometimes border on being blunt which others find hurtful. Your dynamism and drive will propel you to the top of any profession you want to put your full enthusiastic and positive energies into.

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July Leos vs August Leos

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Astrology Aug 2nd-11th (♌II): The Wounded Lion

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Leo Decans

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