Triple taurus astrology

The acne? The lethargy? The Taurus sweet tooth is stronger than the strongest bull. No substance on earth is more dangerous than refined sugar in all its ugly incarnations. This includes sucrose, fructose, honey, maltose and anything else that tastes sweet. Sugar and animal fats kill Taurus slow and painfully.

Their own joints and legs will no longer carry the weight, and will bring gluttonous Taurus to their knees. James Arness and Jack Kevorkian--both died on the same day, both were rock-ribbed Taurus. Arness was the main character of the longest running series on TV, "Gunsmoke". Kevorkian persisted in assisted suicides, in spite of incarceration, believing that the body should die with dignity. These antioxidants counteract and neutralize all that acid building up inside.

Taurus Sign Traits Overview

Also pay attention to the minerals--especially calcium, iodine, potassium and zinc. Use vitamins and minerals like food, not like drugs. These natural substances can be taken in larger amounts than the FDA minimum requirements for better, faster acting results. A happy bowel movement, the end of the nutritional process, makes for a happy Taurus. Taurus needs grass and grains to clean them out. But failing that, supplements are the only way to maintain health.

Astroved Taurus

In order to insure we have them around, everyone should swallow a B complex formula every day—for health, digestion AND energy. Not all B-complex are created equal—cheap, synthetic drug store brands or chain brands like GNC can even cause indigestion. Most vitamin E alpha tocopherol is a cheap mixture of acetic acids and paint remover. These vitamins are usually available ONLY at quality heath food stores--don't go to the drug store or Walgreens.

Venus enters Scorpio

All of the natural vitamins that I recommend are available are iherb. MORE about health and your digestive and immune systems; go to the vitamins page. Meat and organs may have B vitamins and proteins, but your stomach would rather get them from whole grains like brown rice or Quinoa, and legumes. Normally grains can't supply complete protein or B-vitamins. However, with the simple addition of fermented foods like Tempeh not Tofu!

Inside these fermented foods are bacteria specially designed bred? These critters work night and day to ensure proper absorption of the nutrients you eat. Without a delicate balance of intestinal flora, B-vitamins and other apo-enzimes, the stomach will seize up, and you'll get nutrients in your waste, and waste in your nutrients--your body will be corrupted by putrefaction, flatulence, and indigestible fat and unwanted proteins.

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This is the way of the early grave, or becoming Sanpaku a victim. The foods we need for health, if not digested properly, turn into our worst enemies.

Fermented foods provide probiotic life-savers that are ultimately responsible for our physical and mental health. This is a return to a basic Macrobiotic diet, as developed by George Oshawa , a Virgo specialist of digestion and natural healing. Comparison of the Zodiac systems. Go to our Ophiuchus Rising page for the meanings of the angles, planets and asteroids in Ophiuchus]. Materialism and the Mother Planet Taurus is an orphan of the Zodiac, without a "ruling" planet. Taurus the Voice There are way too many Taurus singers to name here.

Sex life with a Taurus Taurus is the do-me passive type, at least at the beginning. MORE about health and your digestive and immune systems; go to the vitamins page Graze the Grains Meat and organs may have B vitamins and proteins, but your stomach would rather get them from whole grains like brown rice or Quinoa, and legumes. What is the Nature of Taurus? The Body. The Voice. The Lust. Malcolm X. Fake Astrology. Most Popular.

Occupy Astrology. Donald Trump. When the Sun moves into Aries it begins a new year or a new cycle, and as it moves out of Aries and into Taurus, we begin to see how things are moving, and what flavor this new cycle may bring for us. Taurus is an earth sign that is all about the material. If we think of Aries as the beginning or the seed, Taurus energy is like the physical surroundings of that seed. On a deeper level, Taurus energy represents what we need to feel safe and secure. Taurus energy is about finding a rhythm and a constant.

It is about finding security in an insecure, always changing world. Taurus likes order, structure, and routine, and under this energy, we are all going to be encouraged to embrace this mindset a little more. We are going to be guided to create more order and routine in our lives.

We are also going to be guided to assess what we are choosing to surround ourselves with and where we may be over-consuming as a way to fill a void or hide our true feelings. Under this energy, we need to pay more attention to our physical surroundings and ensure that we are helping support our highest growth. Take a moment to look around you, what do you see? Do the objects around you inspire confidence, beauty, gratitude, peace, and grace? Or when you look around are you inundated with clutter, noise, distractions, mess, and objects that make you feel guilty or trigger painful memories?

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Repeat this same process but now look within yourself. Are you nurturing your body with water and healthy food? Do you feel vibrant and full of life? Do you feel comfortable inside your being? These are all things worth questioning and investigating under the energy of Taurus. Under this energy, it is a good time to establish a new routine or healthy eating plan.

Are You a Double Gemini? Double Signs & What They Mean

It is also a good time to get grounded, to create structure, and to apply methods to help you get things done. Taking a step by step approach can feel slow and inhibiting at times, but Taurus energy comes to remind us all that there are many benefits that we can receive when we take our time, plan, and move accordingly.

As we move through the beginning of Taurus season, we may feel a push-pull when it comes to developing a routine.

We may feel like we have outgrown certain routines or schedules, or perhaps we may long for a change. This influence is due to the presence of Uranus, which will be very active during Taurus Season, especially through the week of April 22nd. During this time, we are going to be able to tap into what lessons and messages Uranus may have for us. You can read more about Uranus in Taurus and the energy this will bring here. Uranus is all about change, whereas Taurus is all about routine and structure. As you can see, the two are not usually the best pairing, but there is something we can learn from this.

The cosmos has bought both of these energies together for a reason, and the time to balance these forces is now. This astrological forecast is personal only to you, so fill in your time and place of birth for your unique forecasts. Please do let us know what you think. PS If you would like your report emailed to you enter, your email address at the bottom where you will also have the option to receive my newsletter.

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