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Depending where it falls in your horoscope, it shows which areas would be favored for new beginnings. A full moon arrives two weeks after the new moon; depending on where that moon falls in the chart, it could be time to reap the benefits or consequences of earlier actions. New Articles from Susan.

The Moon: Ruler of Emotions

More from Astrology Zone. Sign Up Now. News You Can Use. Age of Aquarius. Table of Eclipse Dates from to Daily Horoscopes. Get Susan Miller's Mobile App. Apple Android. The ascendant or Lagna is the most powerful house in the horoscope. The moon plays a significant role in the field of astrology while predicting human fate. Moon is so important that the horoscope is considered from the Moon also. This is called Chandra Lagna. I am going to set an example as to why the planet Moon is powerful in the Vedic astrology.

If the planet Sun is considered as the king, the moon is considered as queen. Because the own sign of the planets are taken into account from Sun and Moon. While all these planets are own signed clockwise from Cancer the sign of Moon. Hence, it is apparent that the Moon has got a great significance in the field of Indian astrology.

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The planet Moon is exalted in the Taurus till 3 degree. The exalted moon is considered to be the most powerful moon in the birth chart. It makes the person highly imaginative and creative. The result of the Moon should be considered from the house it is placed.

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If the planet owns the 9 th house for scorpion ascendant and gets exalted in the Taurus in the 7 th house in Kendra, the moon is considered to be the most powerful. The planet Moon is the 9 th lord that signifies fate and fortune. It brings money, wealth and social status when it is exalted in the 7 th house.

The planet Moon gets debilitated in Scorpio that is just opposite to Taurus. If the planet moon is debilitated in the chart and conjoined with malefic planet, then it is a bad symbol. The weak Moon in scorpio can be harmful many ways. If the planet Moon is afflicted by the malefic planet such as Rahu, Ketu and Saturn, then it can bring psychological disorder, depression, obsessive compulsive disorder, migraine, madness, forgetfulness, lack of taking decision etc. The Moon can also bring good result if it is conjoined with auspicious planets like Jupiter and Venus.

This needs to be thoroughly computed by a wise astrologer. Since moon plays an imperative role in the Vedic astrology, it is very important that Moon is not afflicted by malefic planets. The moon signifies mind or mentality.

Hence, affliction of Moon will directly affect your brain. This will eventually affect your imagination, career, profession and whole life. So, it is pertinent to consult an astrologer as to the strength of the Moon.

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Sunafa is an auspicious and powerful yoga that takes place when there are planets in the 2 nd house in the chart except Rahu, Ketu and Sun. This is a very powerful yoga in Hindu predictive astrology. This yoga makes the person intelligent, prosperous, sanguine and blissful. The person with Anafa yoga will have dynamic and magnetic personality.

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He will get support from both political and bureaucratic officers. The Anafa yoga brings fame and reputation to the native. If the planet Moon is powerful, the native can do well in the field that requires fertile imagination. If the planet Mars is powerful the native will do well in defense, police and sports. If planet Mercury is powerful the native will be success full as a media professional.

If planet Jupiter is strong then the native will do well in banking, finance, insurance and education.

What Is an Astrology Moon Sign and What Does It Mean?

If Venus is powerful the native will have achievement in art and entertainment. Gaja Kesari yoga is a well known planetary combination in the vedic astrology.

Sun enters Scorpio

Gaja means elephant and Kesari means lion. Hence, it brings the power of elephant and lion. This auspicious yoga happens when the planet Moon and Jupiter are posited in the Kendra from each other.